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Comedy is a Serious Business

Interested in how improv can be used to help your corporate team?

Applied Improvisation is a technique that takes the tenets of improvisation and applies them to other professional fields.

Some of those tenets include:

  • Yes And

  • Supporting Your Partners

  • Building on Ideas

  • Active Listening

  • Strengthening the Ensemble

  • Collaborative Play

Incorporating these ideas into your team allows group growth, and places value on the team effort. Celebrate the wins throughout the process, not just when the end result is reached.

Your team will learn to communicate through low risk gaming strategies that are proven to build strong leadership skills, effective communication, and both personal and group pride.

Applied improvisation workshops are interactive, energetic, and participants learn applicable techniques that can be utilized over and over again to build and reinforce positive team interactions.

Eileen has facilitated dozens of team building workshops for companies including P&G, Ronald McDonald House, Pure Romance, Hi Five Hair Salon, CPS, Boone County Schools, and Deloitte Insurance.

Eileen is a Healthy Humor Red Nose Doc for Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Member and Coach of ComedySportz Cincinnati (Best Improv Night Out 2018-CincyMagazine), Teacher and Facilitator  for OTRimprov (Best Improv Troupe 2015-2020-Citybeat), and a professional actress/improviser/facilitator all over the country.

Satisfied Clients:

Would strongly recommend the workshop. These are tips I will use for the rest of my life.

Some of the best notes and answers to questions that I have ever received.

It is an incredibly helpful class for all levels to vastly improve yourself as a performer and human.

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