Two Sketchy Dames

-50% Sketch, 50% Improv, 100% Fabulous- 

Alison Rampa and Eileen Earnest are Two Sketchy Dames full of wine & funny and they are ready to perform some make-em-ups and sketch comedy for you.

Our Form? Hmmm, let's call it: La MOD. As in, Ladies Making Outstanding Decisions.


Wanna see our work? Check out our show reel here!


Interested in a workshop? Here's what past participants think:

"Best workshop I've ever been to."

"I loved today's workshop. It helped me understand human connection and relationships and how they can be used in a scene.  I felt more comfortable than I usually am when doing improv. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! "


"LOVED IT!!! Gave me some good ideas and exercises for a concept I have been interested in for a long time. Easy to stay out of comfort zone. "


"Fantastic workshop. This has given me things I will think about before every show/practice."


"Thank you! I needed more zen in my improv, I already feel like a more whole improviser and person."

"Wonderful workshop! Excellent stress on the non-performative elements of things (taking out ego and flashiness)" 

"Thank you, this was much needed and you both have great hair. :-) "

Looking for an uplifting, joyful, and entertaining improv show? Well, you found us!


"Thank ya'll so much! Thank you for your openness and support.  Self-care is so important it feels good to be empowered to bring these badass skills to this badass craft."


"Very positive"

"You two are amazing, thank you for your positivity. I will use the neg to positive idea in the future.  Thank you."

"good vibes, great energy" 


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